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About Us

Nassaa Museum is a state of the art venture that is built with an animatronical dinosaur park and a fascinating trick art museum. Nassaa Museum is the first of its kind, providing an exciting opportunity for youth, families, and especially kids, to experience a visual spectacle, the memory of which stays for a long time. Unconventional in nature, Nassaa Museum will have a calming influence on you.

Are you looking for a new spot to spend in your free time? Nassaa Museum is the perfect choice.

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The Services We Offer

Nassaa Museum is a place where kids can enjoy to their fullest. Apart from family and youth visitors, Nassaa Museum is a regular destination for school tours. Nassaa Museum enables school children to visually experience animated dinosaurs, which otherwise, would only be a picture in the textbook. Nassaa Museum offers young children with knowledge and perspective that can be very intriguing for the kids. When knowledge comes with excitement and fun, it makes it perfect for the kids.